Helping Menu

Guide your players or help them into your server!

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This script is available for QBCore, ESX & Standalone Framework.

Step 1 - Extracting the files

Extract the downloaded resource from into your resources folder.

Step 2 - Configure the script

Inside of the config.lua, you can find the open menu keybind.

Inside the html/config.js, you can find the entire config of the menu and edit for your server.

Step 3 - Running the script

Add ensure tp-helpingmenu to your server's configuration file server.cfg

ensure tp-helpingmenu

If you've followed every single step thoroughly, the script should work perfectly. If is still doesn't work, open a support ticket on our discord.

Exports functions

You can simply modify the menu and adapt it for other scripts.

exports['tp-helpingmenu']:OpenMenu() -- To open the menu
exports['tp-helpingmenu']:CloseMenu() -- To close the menu

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